We were living in The Dalles OR. We were on a hillside looking at the sky then we saw a bright light it was a shininglight in the dark sky.

We named our ministry Shininglight after seeing this bright light.

It was of course in the spirit that we saw this but it told us to be that beacon of light to the world.

For awhile we were unable to do much but as we all know God’s timing is always better than our own.

 We had things to work out on our own so we put it on hold for awhile.

So when the time was right we started this ministry on a cell phone.

My husband was giving bible studies on the cell phone, and then we got the computer that opened more doors for us now we are reaching more and more people than ever we now we can reach the nations with God’s love and preach the good news of His love every day.

 He is the one we give the credit for all our good fortune.

We love the Lord with all our heart and soul.

You see God is the reason we breathe and live. We are telling everyone we know about a Loving God who can change your life with love and will always be there when you need Him.

 So if you don’t know God we can help you get to know Him.

 Just like God we will be there for you too! Send us prayer requests if you have them we love all our brothers and sisters in Christ and we will pray for you.

 May God Bless each and every one of you that comes to this website in Jesus Name!

We love you

Ernie & MaryJane

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